Welcome to our hot mess express station in Austin TX!

I am Jackie, and I live in Austin, TX, with my daughter, Adriana (Ade).  We are the dynamic duo, and even at 9, she’s my best friend.  Just imagine a replica so she gets dubbed the Mini.

As a working single mom, I help run a high-end residential custom home-building company as their controller.  It is never dull, and the company is genuinely unique.  I mean, what we build is top-notch!

So, I work my 8-5 and then usually Ade and I are literally running off to soccer.  As a soccer alum myself, I envy the fun, drive, and competitive spirit she has.  She is one little baller, if I do say so myself. 

So, when I am not working, on the soccer field or practicing my multiplication tables, I am creating planners, eBooks, coloring books or any other kind of printable you can think of for you, so that your life will be easier, more organized and way more fun.  My goal is to help you enjoy your family and earn that free time to feel more accomplished. 

I have learned to find ways to juggle all the tasks, and I found a need for a place where there was a lot of information about many different topics. So, I created Active Mom Printables for all the moms (and dads) out there that need some extra love and some extra help to stay on top of the juggling.

My motivation for this is just to be a resource that any moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, or Anyone… can get the information to start or stay on a health journey, enjoy some kid-free time while cooking dinner, or have some great resources that come with extra fun stuff that I found I needed. Who doesn’t like a little extra help with motivation, inspiration, and just plain love with their journey?

Here is where you can find me!